Bimler Laboratorien KG

Bimler appliance A-type


Since 1952, the Bimler laboratorien KG offers the production and sale of material for the construction of the “Bimler Appiance” and “Bimler Ceph Analysis”.

Our aim is to provide material and instructions for the  application and evaluation of The Bimler Ceph Analysis and for the construction, activation and repair of the Bimler Appliance. We are working together with dentists, students, and technicians all over the world who look for an alternative to the high-invasion techniques  which on top require a lifelong retention. We are highly flexible for a hands-on workshop in English, Spanish, Italian, French or German, in your own office to show you the Bimler Method.


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Looking for a painfree, safe & healthy treatment method which involves the soft tissues, and will help the individual patient to a develop the optimum personal potential without relapse, with night time wear only? Great, please contact us.


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Meet us and listen to our session at the Ifuna Congress in Sepember 2019 in Lisbon!
Next course: March 2019, Alicante Spain


The Functional Bimler Appliance

There are many removable appliances on the market, but few are truly functional. "Functional" means that the appliance is like an exercise machine in the mouth. It is activated by the "function" of the patient, which are the mandibular movements. Most of these movements, like swallowing, are subconscious; the patients do not need any instruction.

The advantages of such an appliance are considerable: - There is no anchorage on the teeth. This means there is absolutely no danger to joints, gingiva (gums), periodontal ligaments, or roots (resorption).  The patients will take out the appliance when they feel any discomfort or pain, the first menace of damage.  - The individually adjusted amount of therapeutic force, administered by the patient's central nervous system, free of charge, leads to the fastest and most stable amount of arch expansion your patient can reach without the danger or relapse. If this is not sufficient to reach the treatment goal, you have a clear indication for extractions.

The easy production of such a Bimler Appliance is another advantage. You can ignore a set-up and forget about the construction bite. All you need in the laboratory are the models and a wax bite for the documentation of the malocclusion. The appliance will be constructed in our hinge-axis-type articulator in a slightly corrected position, and then will be continuously activated, according to the progress of the treatment. This way,  we can adjust the one and same appliance for the whole course of the treatment and even including retention.